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Unless you’re Jared Leto and have just reentered society after being off a 12 day off the grid retreat, you're aware of the global impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

It appears that COVID-19 was first diagnosed in China on November 17th. If this is accurate, an examination of the Human Design BodyGraph is warranted.

Note: a paper was published on March 17th that concluded COVID-19 was a species to species transmission, and not bio-engineered as some have suggested.

The BodyGraph for the 1st COVID-19 diagnosis

This was the transit on November 17th, 2019, at 12 pm UTC. Note the 26-44 Channel of Surrender (Design of the Transmitter) and 50-27 Channel of Preservation (Design of Custodianship) are defined.

In late November of 2002, Pluto began a transit of the 26th Gate. In 2004, Ra discussed the impact of Pluto transiting through the 26th Gate of the Egoist regarding outbreaks of the Avian Bird flu (H5N1), which occurred in 2003. Ra noted the virality of H5N1 when the South Node transited the 44th Gate. He described the 44th Gate as the bridge to species to species transmissions.

As detailed above, the 26-44 Channel is activated in the COVID-19 inception chart, with the 44th Gate acting as the virality bridge. As compared to the H5N1 1st diagnosis Rave chart, where the 26th Gate was activated, with the 44th Gate being transited at a later date (Seen below in the timeline).

Not only does the COVID-19 chart have the 26-44 Channel of Surrender defined, but the 50-27 Channel of Preservation—part of the Tribal Defense Circuit—is also defined and linked to the 26-44 as well. This Channel focuses on the preservation and nurturing of the tribe to guarantee its survival. (Research traces the origin of the virus to a wild animal market in Wuhan, China, where it likely skipped from animals into people.)

The Timeline Inspired by Further Exploration

The interesting timeline of Gates 26 and 44, and other activations in relation to viruses and pandemics:

In late October 1997, the month before H5N1 was confirmed in 18 cases in Hong Kong (the first major outbreak), killing 6 people, Gate 26 was activated by both Venus and Mars for a week. And during 3 of those days, Gate 44 was also activated by Mercury.

On December 28th, 1997, Hong Kong decides to slaughter all (1.3 million) chickens to avoid further H5N1 spread. The same day the 19/49 was defined, and Mercury had just gone direct through Gate 26, more on that below:

From December 19th until January 6th, 1998, due to a retrograde motion, Mercury spent a total of 18 days in Gate 26. Mercury normally travels through a Gate in 4 days. | myBodyGraph Transit Tool Ephemeris

In late November of 2002, Pluto began a transit of the 26th Gate.

In December of 2002, a month before H5N1 reemerged for the first time since 1997, Gate 44 was activated by both Mars and Venus (again!) for a week while Pluto was transiting Gate 26.

In March of 2004, the South Node enters Gate 44. Ra noted the virality of H5N1 when the South Node transited the 44th Gate. He described the 44th Gate as the bridge to species to species transmissions. More on that in his talks below.

Final Notes

Over the last 40+ years all of the outer planets have transited the 26th Gate:

  • Neptune: 1977-1981
  • Uranus: 1985-1987
  • Saturn: 1987 & 2016-17
  • Pluto: 2002-2005

It will be some time before any of them transit it again.

Also of note is Jupiter transiting the 26th Gate in 2019, from late September through most of October, exiting only a couple weeks before the COVID-19 inception chart.

Ok, that's it for the data. Below is a transcript of Ra’s 1st discussion of the Avian Bird Flu in April 2004, followed by a recording of him revisiting the topic in September of that year.

Be well and stay safe,

— The Jovian Team

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Avian Flu

From Ra’s Daily Views | Thursday, April 15, 2004

Last month in my discussions of the transit of Pluto into the 26th, and the transit of the north node into the 24th and the south node into the 44th — this 44/26 connection, the definition in the channel of Surrender, the channel of the Transmitter — I talked about the advent of Avian Flu, bird flu. And yesterday in the International Herald Tribune was a major editorial by leading members of the medical community about great fears of a bird flu pandemic next year.

One of the interesting things about this is the way in which they describe how the disease actually jumps species. We all had a scare world-wide with the SARS epidemic last year. The SARS epidemic was different. This was based on the movement of a disease from a mammal to a human. That is, from civets. There is a great deal of bush meat that is eaten in China as a delicacy and civets are very popular. It is the disease that was there in the civet that was able to jump over to humans and thus launched the SARS epidemic.

Avian Flu, as it stands now, though it has infected human beings, these are human beings that were directly involved in working with the birds. There are no known cases of Avian Flu moving from one human being to another. They discussed very clearly in the article the way in which that actually operates. That is, what they have noticed over the years in tracking the way in which influenzas are created in that sense, is that the first thing you notice is that first of all, there is the emergence of the disease in the animal population. That at some point the disease reaches epidemic proportions. And then it jumps to pandemic proportions.

So for example, the emergence of bird flu — and that emergence was in a number of places in Southeast Asia in Thailand, in Vietnam, in Hong Kong, in China — all of a sudden within months it was in the United States, it was in Canada. In other words, it reached a point of maximum potential and simply jumped into — in our day-and-age with the movement of things it’s so easy for things to literally globalize.

Now, there’s something very fascinating about all of this. In order for the disease to be able to jump to a human, what actually has to take place is that a human being who has influenza, an ordinary influenza, the standard variety of influenza, who comes into contact with a bird that is infected with the Avian influenza, that’s when there is the possibility of the genes recombining and out of that comes the potential for the transference between human beings.

It then takes awhile to incubate before it discovers a methodology for movement — is it going to move through body fluids, is it going to move through the atmosphere just from liquid on the breath, whatever the case may be. In other words, the recombined disease looks for, if I could use that language, the best possible delivery system. And then it enters into the human population.

So if we go back and we take a look at the SARS epidemic, what we would actually be able to see is that when you look at the cross-speciel connection between humans and mammals, and the cross-speciel connection that is going to most deeply impact on the biological system, then you’re looking at the bridge that exists between the 19/49. Now, one of the things that is so interesting about this is that given the understanding that this is a cross-speciel bridge and that these are the human beings that are going to be most open to being a venue for the recombined genetic version of the strain, then they’re the ideal focus for a vaccination program. Now, obviously we don’t have the kind of statistics that allow us to be able to register people according to their design.

44’s are the bridges

But when it comes to the Avian Flu, this is something that’s very, very clear. What we’re looking at is the 26/44. And what we’re looking at is this opening up of this potential to the cross-speciel jumping. Anyone who’s going to have this bridge, anyone who is going to be carrying the 44th gate during the next several years, who has a 44th gate as part of their design, they’re going to be under that defining pressure from Pluto in the 26th gate, and they are the likeliest bridges for the movement of the Avian Flu from being locked into its avian constraint. That not only does it enter into a human being, but then it becomes transmittable. Not only that, if we had the ability to be able to screen the population for the 44’s and we were able specifically to screen the population for the 44.4’s then we would immediately see those beings that are the most susceptible to being the bridges.

Now, basically all you really want from those human beings is not so much a vaccination program but what you want is to make sure that they stay out of contact with the avian population. That they don’t work in a butcher shop, that they don’t work on a chicken farm, that they’re not dealing with what is the potential source of the other side of the barrier because they are natural bridges. And the moment that somebody with the 44th gate is sick, they need to be quarantined. They certainly need to be quarantined in the sense that they need to be kept away from, again, the same kind of avian environment where this is a breeding ground for the transmission of the Avian Flu.

To actually read that article is to be quite concerned. That is, they are expecting a flu that really is going to be extremely powerful. It’s one of the wonders of Human Design that in the mechanics of Human Design we are able to see the transmission line and we’re able to see where the bridge is. One of these days when Human Design is more grounded in the collective population, this kind of advice is going to be extremely valuable, and is certainly going to be something that’s going to add to the health and well-being of the population as a whole.

But what I do say to any of you, we do have listeners that are all over the world and in many different kinds of environments, that if you do have the 44th gate, it’s really something for you to be aware of. And if you do get the flu in the flu season make sure you stay away from the general population, make sure that you don’t try to carry on. Make sure that you give yourself a chance to heal through that process without becoming an instrument, literally an instrument, as a bridge for the movement of this into the human realm.

There is in fact, because of the nature of the world and the nature of the not-self, there is little chance that this won’t happen sometime in the coming year. But it’s something for all of us to have in mind when it comes to looking at the intrinsic value of understanding transits, understanding the relationship of human beings to other forms, and particularly to see the importance of these cross-speciel connections.

Those of you that are unfamiliar with this, Human Design is part of a much larger knowledge that was given to me, the knowledge of the design of forms. Each form has a unique matrix and they are very different. Only humanity has a 64-gate matrix. Each of the various forms, whether they are mammalian or whether they are plant-like, or insects, or whether they’re birds, fish, reptiles, each and every one of these particular forms has a cross-speciel connection to humanity, a way in which the forms are able to communicate with each other.

Understanding these bridges is a real eye-opener. It’s also something that reminds us that we need to be able to guard these bridges in order to protect ourselves from mutations that can be devastating to the human population. Avian Flu epidemic could be something quite devastating in its effect. And it really is something to remind us of the importance of getting this knowledge and getting the mechanics of the knowledge out into the world.

Well, I know that wasn’t the cheeriest of my daily views, but I really think that this is something deeply important for us to recognize; and so important for those of you with the 44 to keep in mind. Have a good day; and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

— Ra Uru Hu, April 2004

Avian Flu | Part 2

From Ra’s Daily Views | Monday, September 27, 2004

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